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Partant du principe qu' "il vaut mieux établir les règles plutôt que d'être au nombre de ceux qui font le choix de les adopter"*, la France se doit d’être visionnaire lors de la conférence internationale sur le climat qu'elle organise dans notre pays en 2015. Ne faudrait-il pas à cette occasion que l'Europe saisisse la chance qui lui est offerte d'améliorer la santé et le pouvoir d'achat de ses concitoyens sans affecter son économie sur le moyen terme ? Il y a urgence et il n'est peut- être pas trop tard, malgré nos divergences en matière d'énergie, d'engager dès à présent un dialogue avec l'Allemagne pour que ce soit nos deux pays qui amorcent une politique énergétique européenne commune.
Qu´en pensez vous ?

* Une phrase prononcée par le secrétaire général de l'OCDE dans un de ses discours

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Carlos Hyde on the trading block?

he would likely tell you it has not been the start to his NFL career the fourth-year running back would have liked.,If you were to ask Carlos Hyde

791 yards and 13 touchdowns in three seasons. Injuries have played a part as in 2015,After being taken in the second round by the San Francisco 49ers in the 2014 draft, Hyde has rushed for 1, he played in only seven games while battling ailments., his first as the full-time starter

With a new general manager in John Lynch and new head coach in Kyle Shanahan in place in San Francisco, but there are concerns as to whether it makes sense for him to remain in the Bay Area., there's been some questions as to Hyde's future with the 49ers. The tailback remains with the team in OTAs

According to Grant Cohn of The Press Democrat, Hyde should not remain with the 49ers.,T. J. Watt Jersey, who reported on San Francisco's OTAs last week

he was the only running back who never found a hole to run through. On one stretch play,"Hyde is the slowest and most indecisive running back on the team. I’m not saying he’s bad – he does have quick feet between the tackles,Authentic Cameron Sutton Jersey, he can bounce inside runs to the outside and he plows through defenders. But he doesn’t seem to have the vision to succeed in Kyle Shanahan’s outside-zone running scheme. Tuesday, tried to bounce around the outside even though the linebacker had set the edge and lost three yards. The Niners should trade him to a team that runs the zone read.",James Conner Jersey, he missed a cutback lane

Cohn is not alone. Liz Loza of Yahoo! Sports was recently asked about Cohn's report and responded with the following:

"Injuries aside, when given the starting gig, while playing a supporting role to Frank Gore (who, Hyde has always struggled to live up to his workhorse potential. In his rookie outing, by the way, hasn’t missed a game since landing in Indianapolis and has out-rushed his former protégé for the past two seasons straight) Hyde’s production waned as his touches increased, the Ohio State product averaged over 3.6 YPC in just two out of the seven contests for which he was healthy. In fact, averaging under 3.0 YPC each time he received more than 9 totes. The following year, averaging 5.6 YPC from Weeks 11 – 17. Given the data, it wasn’t until the last third of 2016 that Hyde started to come on, it reasonable to believe that Hyde isn’t adapting quickly.

he closed out the second year of his pro career as the eighteenth most productive fantasy player at the position. I’m not saying Joe Williams is a sure thing,Furthermore, Kyle Shanahan loves himself a rookie running back. Alfred Morris produced top-five fantasy numbers in his freshman campaign. Isaiah Crowell managed top twenty-seven stats (despite starting just four games) during his inaugural outing. And while Tevin Coleman missed most of his rookie season due to injury, but if Hyde can’t get it together Williams will get his shot… and fast.", especially given the 49ers deplorable run-blocking unit

who fielded the same questions,But not everyone is in agreement. Loza's colleague, referred to the aforementioned report as "FAKE NEWS":, Brad Evans

"When the reaper claims my soul, Brandon Jacobs, but Hyde is a superior talent who’s proven effective as a zone runner. He previously excelled as one at Ohio State and recently with his current team under Chip Kelly.,T. J. Watt Jersey,JuJu Smith-Schuster Jersey, the tombstone above my grave will read, a man who fought for liberty,Cameron Sutton Jersey,Authentic JuJu Smith-Schuster Jersey, justice and the pursuit of Carlos Hyde (and Ryan Mathews,Authentic James Conner Jersey,Joshua Dobbs Jersey, but viewing the above note objectively it’s hard to take it for gospel this early in the game. Of course Williams and Hightower pose serious threats, “Here lies Brad Evans,Authentic Joshua Dobbs Jersey, fine tequila, etc.).” Admittedly he’s a pet player

Getting technical, total evaded tackles (RB7) and breakaway runs (RB8). And he achieved that behind THE worst run-blocking unit in the NFL per Football Outsiders., Shanahan’s zone focuses on an outside gap compared to Kelley’s shotgun-based interior arrangement, but they feature similar core principals – find hole, he ranked inside the position’s top-10 in yards after contact per touch (RB6), who I feel is a decisive downhill runner, cut and sprint upfield. Hyde, will be highly successful once familiarized. His glowing secondary profile supports the notion. Last season

Maybe he had Montezuma’s revenge the day observed. Who the heck knows? What I do know is that Hyde is a very under-appreciated talent thrust into an upside situation who should net at least 65 percent of the opportunity share. The injury imp is his nemesis, RB16). Ignore the above writer’s derision.", but I believe he tallies a top-15 line in 2017 (41.9 ADP

but there are certainly questions. He has to impress a staff that didn't draft him in a system that may not be tailored for him.,Whether Hyde remains in San Francisco longterm is yet to be seen

One thing is certain is that Hyde demonstrated his ability during his time as a Buckeye under Urban Meyer and has shown flashes during his first three season in the NFL. If he can put it together, there is a talented running back there that some team can find a way to use., whether with the 49ers or not

It may just take a change of scenery for that player to shine once again.

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Denver Broncos: Could Jeremy Maclin be a possibility?

Could Jeremy Maclin be a possible fit for the Denver Broncos as he tries to find a new home.

Jeremy Maclin was cut by the Kansas City Chief earlier this week. The move cleared $10 million in cap space according to Spotrac and will allow the team to allocate the funds for other positions. Maclin signed a five-year, $55 million deal in 2015 with the Chiefs.

624 yards and 10 touchdowns during his two year tenure with the Chiefs and has 6,Maclin caught 1,Authentic Justin Simmons Jersey,395 yards and 46 touchdowns during the course of his career. He’s a grizzled veteran with efficient hands and smooth route running. His ability to get in and out of his breaks and explode off the line of scrimmage makes him very tough to cover.

who are considered one of the top wide receiver tandems in the league. After Sanders and Thomas,Authentic Barry Sanders Jersey, however,The Denver Broncos wide receiver corps is led by Demaryius Thomas and Emmanuel Sanders,Ziggy Ansah Jersey, the depth chart gets a bit sketchy.

he has only started in two games while catching just 16 receptions for 158 yards and one touchdown. So far,Authentic Marvin Jones Jr Jersey,The Broncos spent a second-round pick on Cody Latimer in the 2014 NFL Draft with the hopes that he would eventually develop into one of the team’s starting wide receivers. Since then, he has been a colossal bust for the team.

Jordan Taylor,Other receivers on the roster are Bennie Fowler, Hunter Sharp and Kalif Raymond. Between all four receivers they have accumulated a combined 668 yards and four touchdowns receiving for the Broncos. Experience is very limited with this group and could be one of the reasons why the team may want to bring in a veteran wide receiver for an evaluation.

he’s still a rookie and is very green compared to a lot of veteran receivers in the league. He could experience an initial learning curve, preventing him to develop into the team’s third wideout,Denver drafted Carlos Henderson an explosive wide receiver from Louisiana Tech to eventually develop into one of the team’s starting wide receivers. He’s very dangerous with ball in open space and he has the potential to eat up yards at will after the catch. Henderson is one of the top candidates on the team to win the third wide receiver spot on the depth chart. However, delaying his ability to breakout during his rookie season.

but he could also be utilized as a slot receiver when needed. When it comes to route running and knowing some of the finer nuances at the wide receiver position,The team also drafted Isaiah McKenzie in the fifth round of this year’s draft. He’s a speedster who could play some snaps out of the slot this season. He was primarily drafted to return kicks and punts,Justin Simmons Jersey,Barry Sanders Jersey, McKenzie has limited experience due to only catching 60 receptions for 823 yards and seven touchdowns during his three-year career at Georgia.

It’s easy to see how an experienced receiver like Maclin could easily help this team. A solid third receiver would add an extra dynamic that could put the offense on a different level. The receiving corps would be almost impossible to cover with Thomas,Authentic Ziggy Ansah Jersey,Authentic Matthew Stafford Jersey, Sanders and Maclin running routes on a routine basis.

Maclin would require a hefty contract that would weigh down some of the team’s cap. Second off,Matthew Stafford Jerseyy, he would need to actually want to sign with the team,Marvin Jones Jr Jersey,Adding another talented receiver like Maclin is easier said than done. First off, because working with inexperience quarterbacks and competing for targets in a low volume passing attack might not be the right situation for him.

this signing would easily work for the Broncos. But in real life, signings like these get real tricky,In Madden, and more than likely never happen. The team doesn’t really need another receiver since they have two solid receivers and a few developmental prospects on the back-end of the roster. But, it’s still very interesting to entertain the idea.

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